Playtime With the Children

I wanted to share a personal story my wife told me last week regarding our son Andrew. Typically in our busy lives our children will get dragged along to activities or events that we need to get done. When it comes to play time it is typically telling them to go to play with their toys.

Last week my wife asked our 2 year old son what he wanted to do and she was going to play with him like a child as well. He quickly said lets play with the trains. For the next hour my wife got down on the floor and played with him like a 2 year old and really connected with him in a way that was very meaningful for both of them.

It is a good reminder that all of us can be a child again.

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  • Your advice couldn’t have come at a better time. Last night I was heading out for swim practice leaving my husband with the duty of getting our two girls to bed and clean up dinner. He was going crazy trying to clean and listen to the demands of the girls. Before I left, your post yesterday popped into my head and I told him to just go and play with them and worry about the kitchen later.

    He did and I think everyone’s stress level went down and he ended up having a great evening with his girls!
    Thanks, and keep the advice flowing

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